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Project: WakaBall

I have started working on the next game, I haven't thought of an official name so im currently calling it project: WakaBall. Inspired by Rocket League and wanting to check out Unity's 2D features I started working on my own  2D game where organic creatures with machine components grafted into them play a 1V1 soccer-like game.

Project: WakaBall currently only supports 2 player local multiplayer.

Requirements:  Windows, Gamepads, no keyboard support.

Download the Zip below.


  1. Download the Zip file below.
  2. Extract to a location of  your choice
  3. Run the Waka Ball.exe application file

BEWARE: This is a very early Alpha build which I am still working on so expect bugs and things to change.

Please send feedback to support@twelvethirtyfour.games


Release Notes


Game play:

  1. I have modified the force players hit the ball.
  2. Added more force to decoys to make them more effective when hitting the ball.
  3. Made it so if a player cant jump then their jump meter does not reduce.


  1. Added new background.
  2. Added new tile set.
  3. Fixed button highlighting.
  4. Refactored start screen and moved control image to pause menu.

Fixed minor bugs.


Alpha_WakaBall (zip)